Winter Training Designed for Dedicated Golfers

A Program Designed for Ages 12 & Up

Increasing swing speed and ball striking performance has proven to lower scores and give high school players an advantage now and for their collegiate career.

After 26 years of teaching and coaching golf, it has become apparent that the best players can all carry the ball a long way and hit high approaches with their irons. 

With countless conversations with college coaches, the one thing they are looking for in prospective players is driving distance combined with ball striking. I have seen hundreds of golfers in competitions and every one of the top players hit the ball farther than everyone else in the field. These were the players that went on to play at all levels of Collegiate Golf.

Training students to increase club speed and improve their ball striking can create an immediate impact on their scoring.  

Speed Strike Golf methods have been shown to increase swing speed and improve driving distance for high school students looking to improve their game and advance to the collegiate level. 

During our off season workout sessions you will need to wear athletic gear. running shoes, athletic shorts, and two golf gloves (right and left hand) this is a club head speed golf specific training program. 

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Located at Links & Tees Golf Facility, 950 W. Lake Street, Addison, IL 60101

Located at Links & Tees Golf Facility, 950 W. Lake Street, Addison, IL 60101

Program Focus

Increase Club Speed

Proven methods to help increase swing speed, strength, and flexibility.

Improve Ball Striking

Create an immediate impact on your score with Speed Strike training.

Player Development

Tournament selection, course management, practice plans, and college recruiting.

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